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We need more creative ways to teach youth. This program does just that! My students will hold this creative and positive learning experience in their memories forever. Thanks again!


My Epona Experience with the Women's Program was pure magic. My teachers Judge, Charm, and Arthur showed me the importance of intention, direction, energy, and communication. This resulted in trust, confidence, and a feeling of self-worth. Laurie and the team are professional, down to earth, and highly skilled horse handlers plus Equine Assisted Learning professionals. Whether a small family group learning each other’s learning styles or large women’s groups learning each other’s communication styles: if you want an amazing experience, make it an Epona Experience. 


My horse just wants to be loved. Dealing with him makes me forget about all the bad things. He makes me smile and happy.


This was an amazing experience - it reminded me to factor in other’s opinions and feelings. I loved the horses. They were amazing to work with! 


What I witnessed was the transformation of fear and hesitation to an overwhelming sense of trust, love and peace with these young students. It was truly memorable to see how well the facilitators could tap into that very disruptive spirit and walk them through this program with such ease. The students, some of whom are constantly in my office, came in with a real nonchalant attitude, an attitude of why am I here, left with such a sense of peace that you could feel. They were calm on the way back to the school, and discussed everything they felt or overcame with their horse. It is truly incredible to watch just how much of an impact these programs had on our students.


This was the best program I have ever been able to attend… working/learning from/with the horses has brought me further in my confidence than anything I have ever done. Thank you!!!



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