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Working with women's organizations, from leadership pioneers to those who are helping women to rebuild their lives.

Our Empowerment Life Skills Development Series aids women in their individual journeys. Our 8-12 week series, in between Phoenix & Flagstaff areas, can provide valuable life skills to the women in your groups who are rebuilding their lives from all kinds of trauma, including abuse, sexual exploitation, depression, suicide, jail or being homeless. Through our experiential programs, women learn how to take empowered action, try new behaviors and connect with their passionate self, learning a new life skill each week and then continuing to build on those skills as they move on to the next week. Horses respond to our authentic selves. They are always honest and they cannot judge. This is why they are the best teachers! They work hard to push us to a new level where we can feel confident and competent in ourselves and our abilities. All programs can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your organization, and we will always work within your budget. 

"My Epona Experience with the Women's Program was pure magic. My teachers Judge, Charm, and Arthur showed me the importance of intention, direction, energy, and communication. This resulted in trust, confidence, and a feeling of self-worth."


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 Horses divulge interpersonal dynamics and quickly reveal every woman’s hidden talents and growing points. The changes our participants experience are immediate... as horses live ‘in-the-moment’.

As women, we are constantly in fear of being judged. Horses are incapable of judgment. What a unique thought! Horses offer a place where judgment does not exist and we can just be ourselves. They don't care about our clothes, our weight, our spiritual or political beliefs, where we’ve come from - just about helping us to be the best version of US that we can be. 


What your women will learn is important, however, what they remember in these programs is priceless! Working with horses creates a unique memory that causes the women to remember the training far longer than if sitting in ‘just-another classroom’.  Our life skills programs empower each individual woman through group exercises with a focus on individual qualities. These objectively-driven programs are also extremely fun and create life changing moments and memories. All skills learned in the arena are paralleled back to everyday life, ensuring that the learning is being transferred to how they will deal with people, choices and the world around them. 

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The horse has unique characteristics which can contribute to a distinct human-animal interaction and is one of the many contributing benefits to individuals wellbeing. The horse is a: teacher, motivator, strength and calmness. The benefits of physical well-being are identified through:

(a) physical status - improved physical health (taking part in other physical activities because of Equine Assisted Learning participation, the women feel better about themselves physically)

(b) the importance of physical touch with the horse - experiencing healthy or safe touch (while grooming, i.e., brushing their body, braiding the mane, petting the horse, hugging the horse, standing close allowing for body contact)

"This was way too awesome!! I started my new journey on my path to bigger and better. I am so thankful to have connected with you!"



One of the many bonuses of working with horses vs a classroom setting is the component of interactivity. We all learn differently, but we can all take away lessons that we learn through our experiences. Every learning style, visual, auditory and kinesthetic, has been taken into account with the development of this course, so that all clients are learning in the best way possible for THEM. This program can work on its own or be a great addition to ongoing therapeutic programs.

There is no riding the teachers in any of these programs as we must allow the horse to be able to speak through his body to help the women to make changes. It is believed that a horse’s spirit will lead individuals in the ‘right direction’ and will assist them in understanding their place in the circle of life. By working with their teachers, women will build strong, solid skills that they can draw upon when they are faced with choices in everyday life. ​


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