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I attended a workshop for women given by Epona Experience. I gained a more solid level of confidence than I had before I attended. My horse teacher, Charm, taught me to lead her with confidence and face forward fearlessly. Stephen Hawkins tells us to look at the stars and not our feet. Charm helped me realize the relevance of his wisdom.


Thank you Laurie and Epona Experience for a fun learning experience that will help me move forward in my life with confidence and a newfound irreverence for rules. 


My Epona Experience with the Women's Program was pure magic. My teachers Judge, Charm, and Arthur showed me the importance of intention, direction, energy, and communication. This resulted in trust, confidence, and a feeling of self-worth. Laurie and the team are professional, down to earth, and highly skilled horse handlers plus Equine Assisted Learning professionals. Whether a small family group learning each other’s learning styles or large women’s groups learning each other’s communication styles: if you want an amazing experience, make it an Epona Experience. 


I was so tired both physically and emotionally after those 2 days but in a good way. Yesterday I was still thinking and kind of processing everything, but felt so peaceful. You guys have such a great connection nothing phoney there and it shines brightly. Everything was amazing right down to the food and snacks, I don't think it could get any better than that… thank you so much for letting my power be unleashed.. I knew it was there all along.


What an inspiring day! I know the lessons I learned today will stay with me. Congratulations and kudos to you all for the work, love, and sharing you put into this tremendous workshop!


What a wonderful day! Learnt so much about myself. Very Empowering!


An amazing journey of listening, communication, trusting, and a lot of laughter. Loved being here and feeling the confidence to do more! Thank you for the opportunity!



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